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Life Skills Awareness Courses

We offer Life Skills workshops to schools, recreational activity clubs, private individuals and private groups.

Our age-appropriate Life Skills workshops are designed to empower adults, teenagers and children to build self-esteem, awareness and assertiveness skills and to equip them with physical self-protection techniques. The Life Skills workshops will show the importance of trusting one’s instincts and how to develop critical thinking skills. Participants will understand fear, cultivate assertiveness, build their confidence, and learn not to hesitate to say NO, thereby shielding themselves from harm.

The workshop is developed and delivered by a team comprising teachers, psychologists, life coaches and security specialists who practice different martial arts and self-defense techniques.

Workshops are divided into three major components:

Awareness – The foundation of prevention

Workshop participants will learn how to maintain awareness throughout their daily lives, thereby decreasing the potential of being targeted as a potential victim for attacks or abuse.

Assertiveness – The most effective prevention

Assertiveness is one of the most effective techniques in avoiding attacks or abuse. An assertive response may prevent up to 80% of potential threats. Participants will practice adopting assertive body language, eye contact and verbal confrontation and communication skills. 

Physical Self-Protection/Self-Defence – Basic techniques

The physical self-protection/self-defence component will focus on (re-)discovering basic instinctive skills which will enable participants to defend themselves against an assailant and get away.

The key is to make the participants take charge of their own safety, to do what is necessary to reduce risks and to become empowered to act, instead of becoming victims.


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