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We offer employers in the corporate, government and non-governmental sectors access to relevant security training courses for their employees.

We also provide courses and workshops designed to improve both the skills and standards of security personnel and to improve the professionalism in the security industry.

Finally, we offer personal security awareness workshops, to the public. Based on our knowledge and experience we have developed various training courses and workshops for men, women and children of all ages.

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Benefits to our clients

Knowledge transfer – Our instructors provide interactive, hands-on training through lectures, real-life scenarios and role-playing. We offer a wide range of training programs fitted to an organizations work environment and nature of assignments.

Bespoke solutions – We design and develop educational workshops for non-professionals and security professionals alike, using a tailored approach to train them about security threats, to transfer practical skills and meet client-specific requirements.

Effective delivery – Our role is to facilitate the necessary learning and behavioural shifts that enable people to take greater responsibility for their own security and in so doing protect the interests of their employer and their business. As a result, your staff will be better prepared to respond efficiently to a variety of potential incidents. The training in certain instances fulfills obligations arising out of national and international laws in relation to international humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights Law (IHRL).  In addition, it goes a long way in helping to fulfill an organization’s duty of care obligations.

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