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Security Awareness Training

Employees are the greatest asset of any organisation or company, yet they face the greatest risk when travelling abroad and working in unknown, sometimes dangerous, insecure, or hostile environments. It is imperative that employers are aware of the potential dangers their employees may face when travelling or performing their work duties. These span from various threats such as violent crime, terrorism, racial and sexual harassment to anti-social behavior.

Our trainings and workshops are designed to meet the needs of all employers and their employees. Excel Security Training instructors have extensive experience delivering training to government bodies, diplomatic corps, the United Nations, multinational companies, non-governmental organizations, media companies and international schools.

Excel Security Training believes that any organisation’s security can be greatly enhanced by having alert, well-informed and trained staff. We work with security management teams and/or Human Resources departments to develop bespoke workshops that will improve the ability of company personnel to manage any dangers or threats they may face.

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