Women’s Self-Defence Workshop

abused and beaten young woman crying at home

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An experiential workshop, providing training in personal safety awareness and self-defence. Essential life skills for women of all ages to empower them with mental and physical skills for effective self-defence. The workshop comprises a mixture of presentations and practical scenarios involving realistic training exercises.

Teaching Methodology

Developing an understanding of awareness, self-confidence and physical self-defence skills. Learning through demonstration and practice of simple, yet effective self-defence techniques and making it interactive for the attendees.

Goals: Acquire …

    … the awareness to avoid bad situations

    … the self-confidence not to become a victim

    … the strength of character to negotiate a way out of difficult situations

    … the emotional, mental, and physical resources to ensure safety when in real danger.


All women and teenage girls from age 16+


Duration Approx 8 hours 


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