Substance abuse [6595]



When the party stops

Drug prevention education delivered by someone ‘who’s been there’

This workshop will help keep young adults, teenagers and children safe by striving for three goals:

1) Provide accurate information about alcohol, nicotine, vaping and other drugs.

2) Develop Life Skills to enable participants to make healthy choices regarding substance use.

3) Strategies to avoid peer pressure and encourage self-esteem and build healthy communities with students, teachers and parents.

Excel Security does not take an ‘abstinence only’ approach, as other drug use prevention programs do. The reason for this is that ‘abstinence only’ is not realistic; some people will engage with substances throughout their lives or have friends who will. In addition, according to long-term studies of student populations, an ‘abstinence only’ approach does not reduce the long-term use of substances. The current gold standard in substance use prevention is to provide people with accurate knowledge and the appropriate age-related Life Skills to be able to make healthy choices and foster positive self-esteem and relationships. People will encounter alcohol, nicotine and other drugs in their lives, and it is important that they have the knowledge and tools to make safe choices for themselves as well as for their friends and community.

The curriculum and content of the course meet IB curriculum requirements for health education and is based on standard validated health curricula such as the Personal Social Health and Economic (PSHE) alcohol and drug use prevention requirements. 

The overall course content is designed to deliver accurate information about vaping, smoking, alcohol and stress reduction in a fun, engaging and meaningful way for the participants. The course is delivered by Ryan Ulrich a former alcohol, cigarette and drug user who is in long-term recovery from addiction. Ryan shares how his struggle with addiction to alcohol, marijuana and nicotine began in high school and resulted in expulsion from college and nearly losing his life due to depression and risks associated with drug use. Having an instructor with experience both with substances and in recovery helps provide an experienced, honest and open environment where students can actively engage in discussion and learning. 



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