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Professional Security Training

If you are interested in becoming an Executive Protection Officer (EPO), take a minute to read through this page to see if these courses are relevant to you.

  • The starting point for anyone wanting to take part in an Executive Protection Officer course is the 3-day Professional Security Driver Workshop.
  • You are exempt from this if you can prove you have undergone a similar course already and/or have had close protection training with a reputable institution and have experience working as a Close Protection Officer or you want to use these workshops as a refresher.
  • You do not need to have a military or law enforcement background to work in the private protection industry.
  • You need to have a certain level of fitness to be an EPO. Expect to undergo specific exercises to evaluate your level of fitness. You will be debriefed on what needs improving or if your level of fitness is suitable for the role you envision.
  • There is no firearm training on any of our four EPO workshops. The reality is that not many countries around the world permit you to carry a firearm as an EPO. Considering the majority of Executive Protection Jobs are conducted unarmed, firearm training is not part of the curriculum. 
  • In Switzerland you may be permitted to carry a firearm. For firearms training, please see our separate firearm workshop.
  • Female participants are highly encouraged to join the workshops.

We are happy to discuss about training your team anywhere in the world.

Please send an email to or give us a call on +41337483101 to talk to one of our trainers, if you have any other questions.

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