Duty of care:

”A moral or legal obligation to ensure the safety or well-being of employees by the employer.”


Duty of Care

Employee Health And Safety

Duty of care is the legal and moral obligation all employers have to their employees, volunteers, accompanying family members in providing reasonable protection in regards to  their security and safety, when they are working on international assignments away from home, or in remote and hostile environments.

Excel Security Solutions has partnered with the Swiss based tracking company Securaxis. They can provide all the tools to keep your staff safe in the field. Based on the extensive trails of their equipment and experience working in hostile environment, they can offer you an effective tool to ensure the safety of your staff in the field. The Securaxis “duty of care” app and web platform: is a dynamic and real time personal security network with geo-localized and real time mapped information, it has a « community » approach and various features to ensure the safety and the duty of care of any person on the move.

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Whether your organisation wants to mitigate risks using efficient supervision and monitoring options, when planning and during your staff’s travel or you simply want information shared fast and efficiently amongst your staff,

Securaxis provides you with:

  • Updated, personalized security analyses of each of your destinations
  • Expert advice in relation to prevention and risk mitigation measures that can be put in place when organizing your staff’s travel plans
  • A scalable and adaptable security ecosystem (app & platform) tailored to your needs and your staff’s profile.

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