The world is currently facing an unprecedented number of active shooter incidents. In the past, these kinds of threat were restricted to specific regions in the world. Within the last few years, however, Europe has experienced a dramatic increase in such attacks. An active shooter incident is characterized by the fact that its date, time and location are unpredictable. Active shooter incidents unfold rapidly. If law enforcement is not already on the ground by coincidence, it is unlikely that they will be able to arrive in time to mitigate injuries and loss of life. The perpetrators usually go on a killing spree unless they commit suicide or stopped by law enforcement.

This workshop focuses on the risk of an active shooter incident occurring in an enclosed location. The tools acquired in this workshop will be useful when visiting and interacting in populated locations anywhere in the world. The goal is to provide participants with a personal awareness and survival mindset that increases their chances of survival during an active shooter incident.


Anyone interested in improving their personal security, anyone who could be caught up in such an attack or who visits crowded areas.


This is a bespoke course tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Duration Approx. 4 hours (Classroom based)



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