Entering hotel room



Our hotel security awareness workshop targets hotel management, hotel employees, and students at hotel management schools, to provide practical advice on how a hotel’s guests, staff, assets and reputation can be better safeguarded.

It give participants an understanding of the importance of security and safety in the hotel industry. It is the nature of the business of hotels to accept strangers into their premises. This makes hotels the ultimate soft targets for terrorist attacks and general criminal acts.

A major concern for hotels is the threat posed by fire. Participants will learn about the different aspects of this threat, how to raise awareness and mitigate risks. Also integrated in the workshop is a module on conflict management, an important aspect when dealing with difficult guests. The workshop incorporates classroom-based lessons, case studies and interactive activities.


Hotel management members, hotel employees, students at hotel management schools.


Our bespoke workshops can be of varying length, depending of the specific needs and requirements of the client. These workshops can be delivered in Switzerland or any location worldwide.



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