Female Self-Defence Training

Saturday, 7th  November 2020 

Saturday, 14th November 2020 

Time: 09.00-17.00


Location: Canton of Bern, Switzerland

Who Should attend:

Women aged 16 plus who may face the risk of violence in their life.

What you will get:

Developing an understanding of awareness, self-confidence, and physical self-defence skills. Learning through demonstration and practice of simple, yet effective self-defence. You will learn about your inner strength and how to draw on it; about the will to survive and the importance of understanding fear to deal with any “life or death” situations. Our workshop is designed to give you an insight into real-life scenarios and realistic, simple, yet effective self-defense techniques.

Workshop content:

Over the course of the workshop you will experience a variety of exercises that will stimulate you to acquire:

…  awareness to avoid bad situations

…  the self-confidence not to become a victim

…  the strength of character to negotiate a way out of difficult situations

…  the emotional, mental and physical resources to ensure your safety when facing real danger.


Cost N/A

  • Please get in touch if you are interested in a group rate of 10 or more participant
abused and beaten young woman crying at home


”Gentle trustful atmosphere, sharing stories and asking questions great mix of theory & real practice. Was Excellent. I wish every woman from 14 plus has one opportunity to attend this course before any attack.”

Penny, Health First