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Private and public actors, especially those with activities in countries in conflict, are increasingly grappling with security-related issues. Some of them are unaware of the legality of their activities in such contexts, and the obligations they have including the need to comply with international and domestic laws in the countries in which they operate.


Under Swiss Law, individuals (persons residing in Switzerland), private actors (including their personnel) and federal authorities must comply with the Federal Act on Private Security Services Abroad (PSSA). The PSSA covers a wide range of issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • Prohibitions under international humanitarian law (IHL) and human rights
  • Requirement to declare activities (particularly by companies with operations abroad)
  • Powers of the competent authority (insert name and link)
  • Offences and penalties

Why should you care/train your staff?

In keeping with the PSSA, private security service providers are obliged to ensure that their personnel have received adequate training commensurate with their tasks. This training should cover issues including respect for fundamental human rights, use of weapons, and concepts such as self-defence.

Ignorance of the law is not a defence… (insert as a quote)

Most individuals and companies are either unaware of the training requirement under the PSSA, or if they do, they do not know who to approach for such training. Furthermore, these concepts, mostly legal, are technical and need to be broken down to simple and digestible information. At Excel Security Training, we have undertaken the task of helping individuals and companies to comply with their obligations by providing training on the issues outlined under the PSSA.

What we offer

Excel Security Training is recognised by the PSSS (insert correct department) as one of the qualified private entities that can develop and provide specific training under the PSSA. With over 10 years of experience in providing security solutions to a variety of clients, Excel Security Solutions is an industry leader and we tap into this experience and expertise to deliver top-notch training modules. We are also EDUQUA-certified and guarantee the quality of our training.

We have recently collaborated with an international humanitarian and human rights lawyer to design well-researched and practical courses to help individuals, companies and their personnel comply with their legal obligations under the PSSA and international law. The course is also designed for individuals who wish to gain and understanding of international humanitarian law (IHL) and human rights.

Our target audience:

  1. Individuals (Swiss citizens and residents)
  2. Private security service providers with operations abroad
  3. Companies providing services in connection with private security services e.g. training and recruitment of security personnel
  4. Companies in the weapons manufacturing sector
  5. Etc

The approach and structure

We adopt a practical and scenario-based approach in delivering our courses. We have divided them into modules and further into parts for easy learning. After each part, the learner takes a quiz to assess their knowledge of the content before moving on to the next part. We also issue a certificate after successful completion of each course.

* Some of our courses can be taken online while some are offered in a classroom setting depending on our clients’ needs. (Learn more)

Our training under the PSSA covers the following areas recommended by the PSSS (insert correct department):

  1. the protection of persons;
  2. the guarding or surveillance of goods and properties;
  3. security services at events;
  4. the checking, detention, or searching of persons, searching of premises or containers, and seizure of objects;
  5. guarding, caring for, and transporting prisoners; operating prison facilities; and assisting in the operation of camps for prisoners of war or civilian detainees;
  6. operational or logistical support for armed or security forces;
  7. operating and maintaining weapons systems;
  8. advising or training members of armed or security forces;
  9. intelligence activities.

Depending on your company activities, we have designed courses which are divided into relevant and related modules. For instance, if your company manufactures weapons, you are required to train your personnel on the Weapon Systems and Operational Support Course. For the Basic Course, Modules 1 (link to module) and 11(link to module) are compulsory, while for the Advanced Course, Modules 1 (link to module) and 12 (link to module) are compulsory and Module 11 (link to module) a prerequisite.

Please refer to our course list (insert links) for more information on the specific courses and required modules.




  1. Basic PSSA Course for All Audiences
  2. Private Security Provider Courses
    1. Basic Private Security Provider Course
    2. Basic Plus Private Security Provider Course
    3. Advanced Private Security Provider Course
  3. Weapon Systems and Operational Support Course
    1. Basic Weapon Systems and Operational Support Course
    2. Advanced Weapon Systems and Operational Support Course
  4. Intelligence Gathering-Focused Course


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